About Us


We are experienced lighting pros with a passion for off road and water sports!

Sierra LED is an innovator in off road and marine LED lighting products. We know that when it comes to LED fixtures, there are limited choices for quality products you can rely on! We are lighting professionals with vast experience in LED technology coming from the industrial/commercial side of the lighting business, who also have a passion for off-road and water sports. Our products have been designed and engineered in the U.S.A. in Sacramento, California. Our in-house engineers have evaluated and specified the very best in LED performance. Sierra LED also specifies the very best in solid-state electronics, rock solid housings and high impact polycarbonate lenses, and the latest in optical designs so that you can be guaranteed that you are purchasing the very best in both lighting performance and longevity of the product, guaranteed!  That is why we offer a Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects* (*Click Here To See Our Warranty Details).

IMG_0189Light output is measured in lumens per watt or LPW. This is translated to be the amount of light produced for every watt of electricity drawn. As LED has the lowest LPW of any lighting source (outside the incredible light of the sun!), LEDs energy efficiency and lower heat mean more light for less energy draw on your battery for more years of life.  Sierra LED lights are designed to produce the high lumen output with a minimal amount of energy compared to traditional automotive lighting sources.

Exposure to the elements is a given in off road and marine applications. Sierra LED lights are designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest environments Mother Nature can dish out. Our engineered materials and state-of-the-art IMG_8907manufacturing process ensures LED Lights that are resistant to water penetration, shock and vibration.  Sierra LED luminaires are designed with Mother Nature and our customer’s passion for extreme sports in mind!

Sierra LED lighting fixtures have been meticulously tested against vibration and corrosion and, depending on whatever trail you choose to blaze, have the very best in Ingress Protection of IP-67 (dust proof and protected against immersion up to 39 in/1m) or IP-68 (dust proof and protected against long periods of immersion under pressure). All Sierra LED lighting fixtures come with variable voltage ranges from 9 VDC to 36 VDC and utilize the latest in voltage protection.  Sierra LED also offers a full line of accessories and mounting options. We will continue to grow our offering with the mantra of continuous improvement in everything that we do!

TECH_CLOSEUP_IMG_6115LED’s are solid-state devices that are able to withstand shock and vibration better than traditional Halogen, HID, and Xenon technology. Sierra LED luminaires are rated at 50,000 hours compared to the traditional lighting sources which typically last between 1,000 and 5,000 hours. Though LED luminaires are slightly more expensive to purchase than traditional light sources, the lifetime cost of LED is less over the life of the fixture!