Granite Rock Lights

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  • 100% waterproof / IP69 Submersible 3w Individual LED rock lights.
  • Available in single color kits of White, Amber, Red, Blue and Green as well as Tunable and Controllable RGB including wireless remote control with Music Link.
  • Available in ready to install kits with 4 pod, 6 pod and 8 pod options that include both flat and tubular mounting bases and all necessary hardware.
  • 100% waterproof central connectors eliminate issues found with other rock light kits.


Technical Information:

  • 3w LED Rock Lights
  • 9V – 32V with built in LED driver
  • 150 degree emitting angle
  • Single Color: Red/Green/Blue/Amber/White
  • Multicolor: RGB with multi-feature wireless controller IP68 Waterproof Sealed Aluminum Housing
  • 3 Year warranty

Product Specs:

4 Light RGB Kits
Product #: GRL-RGB-K4
Muliti-Color: Red/Green/Blue
Lumens: 716LM
Weight: 4.18 lbs

 6 Light RGB Kits
Product #: GRL-RGB-K6
Muliti-Color: Red/Green/Blue
Lumens: 1074LM
Weight: 6.28 lbs

8 Light RGB Kits
Product #: GRL-RGB-K8
Muliti-Color: Red/Green/Blue
Lumens: 1432LM
Weight: 6.83 lbs

Single Lights
Color: Blue
Product #: GRL-SLB
Lumens: 96LM=
Color Wavelength: 460
Weight: 0.44 lbsColor: Amber
Product #: GRL-SLA
Lumens: 172LM
Color Wavelength: 590
Weight: 0.44 lbsColor: Red
Product #: GRL-SLR
Lumens: 176LM
Color Wavelength: 630
Weight: 0.44 lbsColor: Green
Product #: GRL-SLG
Lumens: 267LM
Color Wavelength: 520
Weight: 0.44 lbsColor: White
Product #: GRL-SLW
Lumens: 360LM
Color Wavelength: 6000K
Weight: 0.44 lbs
Six Light Kits
Color: Blue
Product #: GRL-SLB-K6
Lumens: 576LM
Color Wavelength: 460
Weight: 3.97 lbsColor: Amber
Product #: GRL-SLA-K6
Lumens: 1032LM
Color Wavelength: 590
Weight: 3.97 lbsColor: Red
Product #: GRL-SLR-K6
Lumens: 1056LM
Color Wavelength: 630
Weight: 3.97 lbsColor: Green
Product #: GRL-SLG-K6
Lumens: 1602LM
Color Wavelength: 520
Weight: 3.97 lbsColor: White
Product #: GRL-SLW-K6
Lumens: 2160LM
Color Wavelength: 6000K
Weight: 3.97 lbs
Eight Light Kits
Color: Blue
Product #: GRL-SLB-K8
Lumens: 768LM
Color Wavelength: 460
Weight: 5.73 lbsColor: Amber
Product #: GRL-SLA-K8
Lumens: 1376LM
Color Wavelength: 590
Weight: 5.73 lbsColor: Red
Product #: GRL-SLR-K8
Lumens: 1408LM
Color Wavelength: 630<
Weight: 5.73 lbsColor: Green
Product #: GRL-SLG-K
Lumens: 2136LM
Color Wavelength: 520
Weight: 5.73 lbsColor: White
Product #: GRL-SLW-K8
Lumens: 2880LM
Color Wavelength: 6000K
Weight: 5.73 lbs