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Jeff Musgrave a sportsman truck racer from Orange, California and has been competing in various off road racing events since 2007. Jeff was fortunate enough to have grown up at the base of the foothills in East Orange where the notorious Saddleback Off Road Park and Escape Country, both world famous extreme sports mecca locales, drew people from all over the country in the 1970’s and 1980’s. It was there that Jeff was bitten by extreme sports/off road bug and he has been hooked ever since!

1423-Musgrave-ACTION1Currently Jeff races his 1994 F-150 Sierra LED #1423 truck in the MORE, SNORE, Lucas Oil Regionals and various other tough truck events in Southern California and Nevada.  In 2015, Jeff is currently leading the points chase in the Sportsman Truck 1400 class in the MORE series in Southern California.

Jeff’s hard work and determination in his own sportsman racing has caught the eye over the years of many high profile off road race teams which has allowed Jeff unlimited access to a number of major racing teams shops, tools, parts and especially huge histories and the knowledge base of racing in Baja, Mexico and the United States. Jeff is an off road racing competitor, noted promoter and commentator and we are excited to have Jeff as Director of our Sierra SOLID Team!

DIRECTOR, Sponsorship & Contingency


2958222_orig-500x500Jim Conner comes to Sierra LED with a storied career to take on the roll of Director of Sponsorship and Contingency. Forty years ago Jim Conner began racing Datsun trucks off-road. Jim’s team was the first Nissan/Datsun factory off-road team. During the next 20 years Jim Conner scored wins in virtually every major off-road race, including seven wins in the grueling Baja races.

Jim_Conner_Racing_Logo-130x130As the team grew, many famous names drove for the Jim Conner Racing team. Roger and Rick Mears, Bill Alsup, Mike Mosley and two time Indy 500 winner Gordon Johncock to name a few. For many years Jim was the main stunt and precision driver for most Nissan car and truck TV commercials.

After retiring from driving in 1987 Jim has focused on representing many well known companies that are active in the off-road racing field. We are honored to have the experience and knowledge that Jim Conner brings to Sierra LED.


Building A SOLID Reputation

We believe in supporting racers and racing teams that live by a winning spirit and race with a passion. Please visit our web pages in the menu to the right where you will find Sierra LED is building a team that represents the true spirit and meaning of the Sportsman Racer as well as the Professional.

Are you SOLID material?  If so, we want you to consider becoming part of Team Sierra SOLID!  Please email us at or call us at (877) 877-0773 for more details!