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The Dual AmberWhite® Revolution Launching May 14th

SL-Amber&White_SideBySide-031015SACRAMENTO, CA –  Sierra LED is excited to announce that the much anticipated launch of the Dual AmberWhite®Line of Off Road and Marine LED light bars and light pods will be officially kicked off on May 14, 2015.  “This is a game changer for the industry,” stated Grant Grable, President of Sierra LED, LLC. “Utilizing the Dual AmberWhite integrated chipset in our designs provides our customers the choice of how to light up the night in a single light.” Unlike competitive LED fixtures that utilize single diode designs,Dual AmberWhite light bars and pods can switch between 6000K high penetrating light to 590 nanometer orange/amber for fog or dust situations at the flip of a switch.  590nm light effects the rods in the human eye differently than white light, drawing contrast to uneven or rocky surfaces, thus increasing your night time vision. The Dual AmberWhite family of LED eliminates the need for multiple light bars or light covers that must be put on manually to get both amber and white light from a single unit. Also provides double the light output of fixtures that carry single row amber and single row white, 3 watt diode designs. Our integrated chipset provides maximum light output from both light sources at the flip of a switch.