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Sierra LED @ SNORE Motion Tire 300 in Ridgecrest, CA



RIDGECREST, CA – April 10, 2015

Sierra LED was excited to attend our first event at the SNORE / MORE Motion Tire 300 in Ridgecrest, CA on April 10 – April 12, 2015. Racers from all over the Western U.S. were there to compete in the event. This event marked the debut of the Sierra LED #1423 F-150 Race Truck driven by our own Director of Team Sierra SOLID, Jeff Musgrave.  The course was a known to be rough at this event and it didn’t disappoint! Carnage was everywhere as a multitude of the vehicles were rendered DNF. Musgrave in the #1423 was one of the handful of drivers that could claim victory by just finishing the race.

SONY DSCThough he didn’t podium due to a broken front beam that needed field welding, he and his three man crew consisting of Co-Driver/Navigator Nate “The Little Dog” Woodsides and Mr. Fix It, Jarred “MacGyver” Buchheit were helped in a remote pit by Tri-State Motorsports that came to their rescue in on track to help with welding the beam on the spot and getting the #1423 back on the course.

“The Motion 300 was a great place for us to start our adventure into the off road market'” stated Grant Grable, President of Sierra LED. sierra-team“Being involved with exhibiting at Tech at the event and demonstrating our Dual AmberWhite LED line for drivers and off road enthusiasts alike, gave us a great appreciation of the opportunity and what participants want in the market.”  Sierra LED looks forward to our next event where we are lucky enough to be able to both present our technology and participate in these heart pounding, exciting events!