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Leading Through Industry Collaboration, Not Just Sponsorship!

Sierra LED is bringing over 100 years of combined experience in the lighting industry to the aftermarket automotive and marine industry. Our experience and engineering expertise, coupled with our passion for driving off road and boating are unmatched in the market. Our goal of becoming a market leader, and our desire to understand what our customer’s needs are at both the professional and recreational level, has led us to create Team Sierra SOLID and our Industry Council.

Sierra LED seeks to go beyond traditional professional sponsorships through the assembly of our Sierra SOLID Industry Council. Our industry council is made up of professionals from across several synergistic industries. These professionals have years of practical experience in off road, marine, industry and recreational sports where dawn, dusk and nighttime illumination is critical to performance and success. As we draw on our council members experiences, needs and desires, our product roadmap will reflect product designs that come from our gained knowledge. At Sierra LED, we believe in continuous improvement and revolutionary change, and through our lighting, we aim to tackle whatever Mother Nature throws our way in the dawn, dusk and night while tackling the needs and desires of our customers.

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Professional teams and individuals interested in our sponsorship program are encouraged to complete and submit the Team Sierra SOLID application. Each application will be reviewed and we will contact you to discuss details.

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